Remodeling is more than choosing new paint

  • Find what colors, textures, and patterns inspire you
  • The broader your vision, the more you can accomplish
  • Executing your renovation is the hardest part

Remodeling Your Home

For Starters

If you are encompassed by a house full of design and architectural flaws and are having trouble knowing where to start, consider where you spend the most time or which rooms you worry about family and friends seeing. If you are trying to entertain, you might want to start with the dining and living areas of your home. When trying to sell your home, the kitchen is a good place to invest money. Turning an outdated, dark kitchen around will often help your home sell faster.


When planning your budget, decide how much money you have available and how much you are willing to borrow to make your dreams happen. Make sure to consider what would happen if you went 15% or more over the maximum budget you set before starting renovations. In most cases, unforeseen circumstances mean spending more than you expect. Make sure to look for as many ways to save as a backup option because you may run into expensive surprises along the way.

Trendy vs. Stylish

There are a lot of weird trends going around out there with layout, design, and texture. Remember that you may not have the means to replace and remodel every five years. Pick something that is pleasing to the eye and creates a great ambiance without getting so trendy that you will be tired of the loud colors or crazy furniture three years down the road. Look for style and design that is timeless and modern, not just a trendy fad.

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